Marching through March 4th

For today’s blog,

Okay, so I didn’t drive to school today, because I won’t have my car now, for budah knows how long. My dad has been driving around an old four runner that is like one year younger than me and it broke yesterday, suprised? I’m not. To solve this issue is simple, my dad can just take my mustang, buy a corvette and it will be my car’s replacement. DONE!

My “sister” next to me would like to be mentioned, this is her below

She was on the laptop lastnight, her mother came to the doorway and asked    “Savanna, can you come rub lotion on my back?” and this was her rude reaction that she thought her mother wouldn’t see, but in reality the laptop cam frooze and her reaction was stuck on the screen for us to laugh at for like ten minutes.

Savanna is the same girl that loved everything about the cute Cadillac she was considering, except she couldn’t handle the ugly vents.. HAHAHA

Well today was really busy, I had to sit in a stuffy room practicing for choir ALL DAY! Look how many articles I ripped off within ten minutes

Finally I decided to take a little trip to the bathroom. So there I am just sitting when I hear in a small middle school girl’s voice say “hey you, what grade are you in? You in that stall!” So I look up and see a girl looking at me through the crack of my stall door, I reply “..12th” then she continues to look at me and ask if I know her brother, and to tell him that he was stupid.  That’s just a little creepy to me, but sorta funny.

Something else funny, I gave this music composer a new hairdo. Picture him singing that country song “How do you like me now”

Now for after school, I need to take pictures around the parish. I have a concert @ 7,  then we are going to go to our favorite mexican resteraruant as a big choir family. Well this is all I have time for right now, please continue to tune in!

Amour et musique belle,

Brittany Elizabeth (like the queen) Bourgeois



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