Only in New Orleans

So today started off sorta cruddy. I was tardy but the teacher didn’t notice, then I had to turn in my phone back into the office because they gave it back for the trip but the deal was I had to return it Monday.

Well after I left school and went into satellite center, as I walked in the class my teacher was talking about some students going film at the french quarter. Of course I volunteered myself, but then my teacher was all “Well they wanted two boys” So I told him to stop being sexest and that I was going.

So Payton, Michael, and two HRT girls, and the HRT teacher and I hopped in the mini van and made our way to New Orleans just to do a couple of shots of two people greeting eachother in front of some landmarks in New Orleans.

We had already filmed at a few locations just as we were driving down a street in the mini van, and the teacher says “Look there’s the ghetto jungle gym.” He pulled off right away into a gas station. I just kinda looked around then opened the door, just as I was debating if it was a good area to leave my purse in the car or not, the craziest dressed man I’ve ever seen is walking by. The teacher asks the man if we can film him and a friend greeting eachother, so the man agrees and guides us past the house into the back yard that the jungle gym was in. It was like a different world back there. In our world this man seemed so out of wack but just a few feet into a backyard was a tribe full of this kind. They were like modern hippies. I LOVED IT!

oh and get this, they had a DJ!

After the filming we were invited to explore the tree house/jungle gym/ water slide with homemade pool at the bottom. However, the rope bridge was under construction. They had so much stuff, one thing lead to another, there was art everywhere you turned, and ciggerettes and capri suns.

There were hula hoops and pogo sticks and all this stuff, but no kids. This was just a lounge for the artists of new orleans. The coolest place you’ll ever go to.


Brittany Elizabeth (like the queen) Bourgeois


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