long time no blog!

Well hello strangers!

Sorry I haven’t posted a blog in a while. I’ve been very very busy, and I still am but at least I finally have time to vent in my blog.

Let’s see, since the last time my words met your eyes I no longer work at Rue21. Don’t get me wrong, it was the best first job that I could ask for but due to my procrastination in school I am behind just enough to not get TOPS, and as you can imagine.. My mother wants all distractions aside. Including my job. I’m not unemployed though, I am “seasonal employee” at Rue21.

back to the “TOPS”, From where I stand right now, I would graduate with a 2.49 and guess what you need for tops? a 2.5! BEAUTIFUL! So that means in order to get that 2.5 I must work my little hiney off and basically get perfect grades.

Another academic struggle that I encountered was today, in english. It was my day to present to the mock panel. Well I was running a little late and as soon as I sat down in first period (english), I realized that I forgot my photo album, which is my senior project product. AKA I need it to present, so I went to the office and got the cop to watch me go to my car and get the photo album. So phew, that issue was solved. I slipped back into first period and reached into my purse to get my flashdrive(which has my power point on it) so that I would be ready to go when she called my name. but wait a second, all I feel is my bling elephant ring, glasses, wallet, makeup bag, phone, EVERYTHING BUT THE FLASH DRIVE. I got up right away to go inform my teacher so that she wouldnt call my name to present and I would have to tell the whole class my dumb story. She wasn’t very happy, and I’m sure my mom won’t be either when she reads this blog. (I’ll take care of it Mom!) So anyway I went to Math.. blah blah blah. Then as soon as class is about to end the fire alarm rings, the best thing ever! NNOT! this could possibly delay my plan. My plan was to go home before satellite center and get the flash drive because I needed to print some things off of it. well luckly I didn’t have to sink into the band feild for long while getting eaten by knats. We made our way back to class exactly as the bell was ringing for me to go to satellite center. I rushed to my car and as I was heading out of the school parking lot I managed to drive just in time to be behind my weirdo ex boyfriend, in an effort to avoid me he ran the stop sign in his little ugly car and this made me laugh especially since he was trapped in front of me for least a minute right after(being that we had to wait at a red light) Well as I was heading home I decided to reach into my purse for my phone, but what do I feel instead? MY FLASHDRIVE! uggggghhhhh Unbelievable! So I uturned my little happy mustang right back around and went to satellite center. I’m so flabbergasted by my bad luck today. 😡

Well I think I’m going to go finish an extra credit suduko puzzle for advanced math, yay!

pray for me and my grades PLEASE!


Brittany Elizabeth (like the queen) Bourgeois

p.s. on a positive note, on Monday, my ensemble group got all 1’s at festival which means were going to state!


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  1. vee

    amazing post, reminds me of my good old dayys 🙂 love the blog too. you got my attention

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