dusting off the old keyboard

well let’s see, I haven’t written in here since 2010. Hello if you still remember me. There has been so many things that have happened, and I have so many friends to talk to but for the first time in 3 years I feel like spilling it to the blog. Random, I know. Well, summer school obviously went well, because I’m still at LSU. Selfies have become more socially acceptable (selfies used to take up most of my blog), and I have had what you may call my college love. I have pulled countless allnighters for tests, cried from stress at school, been the life of the party at the clubs on school nights, got kicked out of clubs, got a 100 on a final, had an interview done on me for my fashion for the reveille, was properly introduced to Chase (whom I went to highschool with), watched him lose over 160 pounds and go on the today show, danced in the LSU homecoming parade. Just a lot of random things. 


I have learned that my favorite part of college, and probably life itself is getting out of my comfort zone. Comfort zones may be comfortable, stable, and reassuring. But all of those things live in the house of BORING. For instance, coming to LSU not knowing ANYONE for that summer semester was the bravest and scariest thing I have ever done, but it was also the best. Making that decision instead of staying home and going to hair school/nicholls/whatever small community college has led me to the main road with many trails of adventure.


We don’t truly know who we are unless we have the strength to separate ourselves from the people,things, and places that have made us who we are our whole lives.


I’m in the midst of sculpting myself, and at the peek of self discovery.


Please stay tuned, and I encourage you (no matter how old you are) to do something that is not in your routine. Smile at a stranger you always thought was cute, try that chinese fruit that has always freaked you out, stop watching dancing with the stars and take a local salsa lesson. We don’t know when the advantage of life will be taken from us, so do the things you have always even wondered about.




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