long time no blog!

Well hello strangers!

Sorry I haven’t posted a blog in a while. I’ve been very very busy, and I still am but at least I finally have time to vent in my blog.

Let’s see, since the last time my words met your eyes I no longer work at Rue21. Don’t get me wrong, it was the best first job that I could ask for but due to my procrastination in school I am behind just enough to not get TOPS, and as you can imagine.. My mother wants all distractions aside. Including my job. I’m not unemployed though, I am “seasonal employee” at Rue21.

back to the “TOPS”, From where I stand right now, I would graduate with a 2.49 and guess what you need for tops? a 2.5! BEAUTIFUL! So that means in order to get that 2.5 I must work my little hiney off and basically get perfect grades.

Another academic struggle that I encountered was today, in english. It was my day to present to the mock panel. Well I was running a little late and as soon as I sat down in first period (english), I realized that I forgot my photo album, which is my senior project product. AKA I need it to present, so I went to the office and got the cop to watch me go to my car and get the photo album. So phew, that issue was solved. I slipped back into first period and reached into my purse to get my flashdrive(which has my power point on it) so that I would be ready to go when she called my name. but wait a second, all I feel is my bling elephant ring, glasses, wallet, makeup bag, phone, EVERYTHING BUT THE FLASH DRIVE. I got up right away to go inform my teacher so that she wouldnt call my name to present and I would have to tell the whole class my dumb story. She wasn’t very happy, and I’m sure my mom won’t be either when she reads this blog. (I’ll take care of it Mom!) So anyway I went to Math.. blah blah blah. Then as soon as class is about to end the fire alarm rings, the best thing ever! NNOT! this could possibly delay my plan. My plan was to go home before satellite center and get the flash drive because I needed to print some things off of it. well luckly I didn’t have to sink into the band feild for long while getting eaten by knats. We made our way back to class exactly as the bell was ringing for me to go to satellite center. I rushed to my car and as I was heading out of the school parking lot I managed to drive just in time to be behind my weirdo ex boyfriend, in an effort to avoid me he ran the stop sign in his little ugly car and this made me laugh especially since he was trapped in front of me for least a minute right after(being that we had to wait at a red light) Well as I was heading home I decided to reach into my purse for my phone, but what do I feel instead? MY FLASHDRIVE! uggggghhhhh Unbelievable! So I uturned my little happy mustang right back around and went to satellite center. I’m so flabbergasted by my bad luck today. 😡

Well I think I’m going to go finish an extra credit suduko puzzle for advanced math, yay!

pray for me and my grades PLEASE!


Brittany Elizabeth (like the queen) Bourgeois

p.s. on a positive note, on Monday, my ensemble group got all 1’s at festival which means were going to state!


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Only in New Orleans

So today started off sorta cruddy. I was tardy but the teacher didn’t notice, then I had to turn in my phone back into the office because they gave it back for the trip but the deal was I had to return it Monday.

Well after I left school and went into satellite center, as I walked in the class my teacher was talking about some students going film at the french quarter. Of course I volunteered myself, but then my teacher was all “Well they wanted two boys” So I told him to stop being sexest and that I was going.

So Payton, Michael, and two HRT girls, and the HRT teacher and I hopped in the mini van and made our way to New Orleans just to do a couple of shots of two people greeting eachother in front of some landmarks in New Orleans.

We had already filmed at a few locations just as we were driving down a street in the mini van, and the teacher says “Look there’s the ghetto jungle gym.” He pulled off right away into a gas station. I just kinda looked around then opened the door, just as I was debating if it was a good area to leave my purse in the car or not, the craziest dressed man I’ve ever seen is walking by. The teacher asks the man if we can film him and a friend greeting eachother, so the man agrees and guides us past the house into the back yard that the jungle gym was in. It was like a different world back there. In our world this man seemed so out of wack but just a few feet into a backyard was a tribe full of this kind. They were like modern hippies. I LOVED IT!

oh and get this, they had a DJ!

After the filming we were invited to explore the tree house/jungle gym/ water slide with homemade pool at the bottom. However, the rope bridge was under construction. They had so much stuff, one thing lead to another, there was art everywhere you turned, and ciggerettes and capri suns.

There were hula hoops and pogo sticks and all this stuff, but no kids. This was just a lounge for the artists of new orleans. The coolest place you’ll ever go to.


Brittany Elizabeth (like the queen) Bourgeois

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I will always remember this day, so as you know we are in Texas for the choir trip, well this morning after I ate this waffle:

Savanna and I begged mr. Matherne to let us go to the store “watchamacallit” that TAYLOR TERRY, my idol ( the girl off of my life as Liz ) works at. He agreed. So I tweeted her and she tweeted me back TWICEE!!!

So as you can see she couldn’t make it in the store because she was at her other job 😦 well anyways, after we did all of the stuff we needed to do at the college, we made our way to the store. When we pulled up it was so exciting! I couldn’t believe we were standing in front of the store my idol works at!

So we walked in, and we were sorounded by gorgeous dresses! Then all of the sudden I hear someone say “Omg welcome Brittany, Brittany did you see the sign?” I didn’t know what to think so I looked and I saw this! I couldn’t believe it! I was in tears, then one of the workers said “Brittany, we knew you were coming” Taylor Terry just made me love her a million times more. She is truly the sweetest person on earth. I mean first off she tweeted me back, then she called them and told them to put my name on the sign? 🙂

Well I found the perfect dress at the store, it was just the perfect day, really 🙂

Then later on in the evening we went to a GREAT Mexican resteraunt: EL GUAPO’S which has the best chicken tortilla soup, I wrote this on the door in the stall with the help of savanna.

Alright well it’s the last night at the hotel and I’m missing out on some fun so I’ll catch you guys later. 🙂


Brittany Elizabeth (like the queen) Bourgeois.

p.s. what do you think about me with brown hair? well technically Kelly’s hair lol


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Texas day 1!

What in the heck dude? My choir is litterally a hand full of zombies walking around. We’ve just been going and going and never take time to stop at lifes stop signs, red lights, rest stops, anything. Were all cranky and it’s not good. Like look at grant

I told you about my busy day yesterday well after I rushed home to pack I had to rush back to the school an hour before departure to practice.. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm? Like really?! Were about to be on a bus all together for an unhealthy amount of time and we have to show up early? To practice? This was too much for me to wrap myself around, maybe cause I’m in a bad mood/ zombie mode. Well anyways, we left at 7 yesterday evening and in the wee hours of the morning we stopped at some hotel in lousiana, had to wake up from the bus, crawl in the bed, wake up a few hours later for more driving, yay! The best part is that our destination was a college :))) um so yeah we had to listen to this jazz choir, which was incredible. Then we had to sing for them which was kinda embarassing but better than I thought. This is them:

Then we had to listen to this fricken classical choir, in that time I taught myself how to do the fishtail braid. This is me actig like im sleeping in there:

So once we left there we went to the hotel for 15 mins to hurry and get dressed for phantom of the opera. Imagine highschool girls trying to get ready for such an event in 15 minutes, had such a good laugh huh? Well we did it, idk how.

Phantom of the opera was beautiful! I mean the set was just incredible, I didn’t know a stage could change from water with a moving boat to like a grave yard in .3 seconds, I would just DIE being the stage crew. The zombies and I truly enjoyed it, except we kinda were falling asleep. Aw and Austin bought savanna, Kelly, Emily, and I these phantom of the opera roses it was so sweet I wanted to cry. Aw look at me an grant before the show in the little smart car

Well mr. Matherne informed me that we get to “sleep in” tomorow, and by that he means waking up at 8:30.. I’m not really sure what all tomorow consist of but I’m sure you’ll hear about it!

Oh my gosh I almost forgot to tell you about the best part of riding on that bus everywhere! The bathroom in the back of the bus has that blue water stuff or whatever and if your using it and the bus bounces a little, you get blue stains on your butt, so funnn! Like I told Megan good thing I’m not a stripper and I don’t have a shift today, hah I mean just look what it did to the toilet seat!

Music notes& continuous Z’s,
Brittany Elizabeth (like the queen) Bourgeois

P.s look how delirious me and sav were, we were walking aroud that college campus doing this startrek symbol straight in the air like we were in some kinda colt for like 15 minutes lol


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texas in less than 5 hrs

Let’s see, I had about 8437528390465234780 assignments to do today during satellite center. Most of them are done, now I’m just slightly on the annoyed side because Max KNEW that I was trying to do work and he pushed a chair my way, I told him it was aggervating, so he blocked me in my corner with every chair and piece of furniture in the whole class. cute right? Not.

Anyways when I leave here I have to go to school and take 3 test. I have to go to the principal and get my phone back that was taken away in english class on monday.. 😡 then when I get home I need to pack, I haven’t even started.. just to think that I’m going to be on a bus in a few hours on my way to Texas..

This was today’s brief blog, on the way to Texas I will write a blog summing up the days that I did not write to you guys.

I love you readers!

Brittany Elizabeth(like the queen) Bourgeois

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hi March 6th

Wow, so I’ve been running around like a crazy person today.

Let’s talk about lastnight. We went to Republic and The Real World of New Orleans is being filmed right now, and so the cast was at republic too. heres some pics. The girl is on it, but I dont think that boy was.

then this was one of t he boys on stage:

Well I woke up, went home, then Grant and I left to go to walmart to print pictures for my girlscout gold award. I’ve been working hard on these pictures, like I’ve even had to run around on bg road and take pics of cows and stuff.

The cashier at walmart probably thought I was on crack because I’ve been so scatter brained today and in the middle of the receipt printing I like ripped it out, I guess because I’m used to ripping out the receipt since I work at rue21, lol.

Now I have to get ready for work, Sorry today’s blog was so boring, tomorow I’ll tell you how my Gold Award came out.


Brittany Elizabeth (like the queen) Bourgeois

p.s Grant, hurry dear, your Salad might melt.

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number 3!

Within the first five minutes of waking up this morning, I made the biggest mistake EVER. Okay, not really.. but kinda

Let’s back track a little shall we? Three days ago, this was me:

I Just left the gym with my friend Grant, and on the way home I stopped at Wal-Mart and picked up some healthy snacks like salad and fat free apple juice. I even picked up some green tea dietary supplements.

Now back to this morning, I gave in and took a bite of this..

Edy’s, why’d you have to mix your delicious ice cream with my favorite girlscout cookie?! (I’m still a girlscout by the way, yes you can still be one at this age. It’s my last year.) Now I’m going to always want this ice cream, and it will be probably impossible to be healthier like I had planned.

OH! The concert lastnight went good, it’s the first concert I didn’t bust out laughing while I was singing. Look how cute Sav and I were.

Today at Satellite Center Max and I wrote/composed a reggae song. I guess we’ll make the music video Monday even though the project was due today. Oh well, Max’s grade, not mine! Mine is done 0:)

Today after I leave school, I’m going to go home and do a little work on Gold award for girlscouts. The envent I planned is on Sunday, and there is so much to get done.

Later on tonight I’m going to my favorite club with my girls (plus Grant AKA GRAND LE TETE), I can’t wait! It’s throwback night!!

Thanks for tuning in!


Brittany Elizabeth (Like the queen) Bourgeois!

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